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Nerraw Foods is a new business that is committed to bringing a new brand of desserts to America.  The cornerstone desert is the cantaloupe pie that was created by Martha Thomas. Martha created the pie in the family's kitchen in the early 1970s. With a sharp eye for measurements, an inventor's mind, and a keen taste for the unusual she blended the flavors of the cantaloupe pie.

Martha passed the recipe on to her oldest daughter Eloise Frazier. A true student of Martha's recipes, Eloise spent years making the pie and developing new ideas. In the mold of her mother, Eloise has taught both her children and her grandchildren how to make the cantaloupe pie.

Nerraw Foods is led by Christopher Warren, CEO, Dexter Warren, COO, and Rod Warren, CFO. Chris Warren who has taken the recipe and done extensive research on how to produce "The best thing you've never tasted." Dexter Warren who has become a cantaloupe subject matter expert. Rod Warren who has worked to create the best strategy to maximize the Nerraw Foods potential in getting the cantaloupe pie into full mass production.

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